Flash Professional vs. Animate CC: What Is The Difference?

First Animate CC came out in 2015 with an upgraded version being released in 2017. So what benefits do you get when using AA?

Upgraded Tools

With the release of AA animators got their hand on a brand new enhanced set of tools. Save your brush choices and options so you can come back to your personalized tools later. One more time saving option is that you can adjust stage size and brush sizes, which is really time-saving. A new set of tools allows for crisper cleaner drawings. Vector tools are also updated they scale up to any resolution smoothly.

A library of your own brush sizes is a very time saving tool as there is no more need to waste time adjusting the stroke width every time. Another feature like integrated cameras allows you to concentrate on creativity and let the software take care of all the details. You have two possible interface backgrounds going between a light interface and a dark interface depending on your personal choices.


The AA is faster and more powerful than its predecessor. Speed becomes very valuable when you work with huge amounts of data. The AA also has fragments of coding in its directory making your job much faster.

And of course saving time is vital when you have a big team project to deliver on time. Do not be intimidated by the size and layers of the software, the screen is very simple and navigations is super fast and easy.

Exporting Potential

You will be able to export video files in 4k resolution. This feature allows meeting up the demand for high resolution videos. This feature is available in all AA versions not only for the enterprise scale software.

Another option is to outflow your files in extensions that are adaptable with other Adobe products like .oam files that allow you to integrate your AA with InDesign etc.

Sharing Options

The creative cloud feature might be an amazing tool for a professional animator and for a rookie alike. You can save your files there, share them with other users etc. And you also have access to a stock pile with thousands of files for your creative experiments.

Also share your files in-between all the Adobe products you have in operation. Edit picture in the PS than transfer it to AA and turn it into a GIF image, so many cool possibilities opening up for you with the creative cloud. The enterprise version has even more cloud storage. What do you like the most about AA?