Flash for Your Website – To Be or Not To Be

Just some few years ago Flash animation was a must for every web developer. Designers tried to wow visitors with animated menus, flashy pages and sound effects. But luckily that era was quickly over as users got fed up with too much annoying distracting animation.

The Adobe Flash Player is a very powerful instrument meant to add more features to your web site. But there are two sides to every coin. Read on how not to overdo on special effects.


Before going for Flash effects you need to think over all possible consequences:

  • Keep in mind that some people just don’t like excessive graphic effects like unnecessary splash pages or pop-ups. Most of your customers would probably not care but the ones that cannot stand too much animation will probably be very proactive in voicing their dislikes.
  • Search engines cannot read ActionScript, the Flash Player language. The best links are HTML as you will not have issues with any browser.
  • Flash requires an extension to be uploaded in order to read ActionScript.
  • Some screen readers cannot read Flash animation.
  • Flash disables the back button so when a user tries to go back to a previous page on your side he gets taken back to the previous site. Thus if the user wants to come back to your site he would have to do the same job twice.
  • Using a lot of flash graphics makes your site very heavy and bulky. Some designers try compensating for it with a countdown page but most people feel annoyed when the content takes a lot of time to load up.


But still adding Flash to your web site might be a great option. So who might benefit from it? Read on why you should give Flash a go:

  • Flash is still a great tool for animation.
  • It is great for playing videos because you won’t need players like QuickTime or MediaPlayer.
  • Flash is great for gaming as it does not have the CGI games capacity limitations or Ajax integration issues.
  • The vector graphics built for Flash Player is much smoother. But the user has to have a vector graphics reader tool installed into the drive.
  • Flash apps can do various functions like collect data or perform script actions.

Why Not

We say do give it a go and use Flash animation where it is beneficial. Make sure the entire site is not built on it though. But still using Flash animation can be a great solution for certain tasks at hand. However the final decision belongs to the web site owners. Leave your comments down below.