Basic Animate

The first question you need to ask yourself is how much do you like cartoons? Can you imagine yourself building your own short clips and even publishing them in your blog? Well you have found the right source, let us guide you through the amazing world of Animate.

The Notion and the Functions

Before AA was known under the name Flash Professional but that is no longer relevant. So why AA is of particular interest for all animators, designers and producers you ask. It is a powerful tool for building various interactive media like cartoons, games etc. The necessary minimum you need to understand is that:

  • You can create Flash effects and interactive games,
  • Easy integration with other Adobe products,
  • Make your own animation like cartoon series, movies or clips,
  • Integrate AA in your Adobe cloud storage for creative pieces.


So what are the key AA functions? Start exploring the program, here is the list of signature AA features:

  1. Start with the toolbar and its 20+ basic features. The toolbar itself will remind you of Illustrator or PS because all Adobe products have a similar setting for better recognition.
  2. Do not be scared of the word, AA has got a whole package of code fragments that you can install in order to add dynamics to your creation.
  3. It takes a timeline and a set of shots or frames to create animation. You can also add secondary symbols, frames and timelines. Navigate by clicking on various objects in the setting to bring up their features; the rest of the objects will then become gray.
  4. Check out all the features in the project, they are sound, image, bitmap, vector graphics and what not. You can also copy images from the Stock or from the cloud.
  5. Now that you have a small trial project why not share it will others? You can either export or publish your file; publishing option allows you to choose extensions meaning you get to pick the coding language of your file thus making it cohesive for other programs. Or simply export it or upload it to your creative cloud in order to share it with the others.

Live Support

Another amazing feature a beginner animator would appreciate is the customer support and AA comes with amazing support. You have user forums, documentation, FAQs. The live chat and phone support are also available so there is no way for you to get lost in the extensive data.

We suggest you first go for the forums and if you cannot find any information there go for the live support.