Adobe Scout User Guide: Things You Need To Know

Are you a game developer? You must know about the AS program which allows you to filter throughout your SWF code and fish out all the potential trouble sources. The feature is especially good as it does not edit any code itself but rather helps you fix all the hiccups.

Advanced Telemetry

It might sound extremely hard to grasp but AT is pretty simple to master. Follow these simple footsteps:

  1. Log in to your SWF plus AS at the same time.
  2. After that a new information session will start. Due to the default alignment SWF only spreads basic data to AS.
  3. Turn on progressive telemetry in the SWF options to start spreading Stage3D, ActionScript, DisplayList and all the data at hand.
  4. The advanced remote measurements are not adjusted by the default so other AS operators would not have a chance to get to your data.

Now that you have final accurate distant assessment figures you can share it with the Flash game coding environment.  Turn on the comprehensive remote metering in ActionScript complier.

If you are operating on a Flash Professional download a Pyton script feature. Run the in your SWF and you’re done. This feature was not built in to the software so needs to be downloaded and added separately.


Frame Timeline is the feature meant for detecting operation issues. The FT graph is built to divide the term into single scenes. It measures how long FP has been in each scene.

If you need a particular frame rate follow the red sign ending every frame, it is representing the time allowance. The red frame rate line is adjustable so you can adapt the SWF rate progressively.

Each shade in the FT graph has a meaning representing different FP activities. No need to remember every shade you will later find them in the Summary menu.

Top Activities

The TA menu is meant to show what actions are the most time consuming. Don’t forget to also check the exact progression stats for every activity. While the TA menu is meant for displaying the data on numerous shots the Activity Sequence is meant for displaying sequence data for every single unit.

The actions that last 0.5 ms and less are automatically deleted from the both TA and AS panels. Thus a builder has a chance to dedicate himself to the more time consuming complex processes. In case you would like to disable this option find the deselecting option in the top horizontal menu on the left. How do you feel about this app? Let us know in the comments.