Adobe Scout – Modern Flash Analyzer

It is a brand new tool is meant to help you code so much faster. Now you can clean up the desktop data aka DD throughout the software able to highlights all errors for you. Proceed to the next chapter to learn more because AS is a tool that will take your Flash animation to the stars.

Function Method

The AS app was built implementing telemetry aka remote measurements feature introduced by Adobe’s two programs like Air 3.4 and FP 11.4. AS collects the DD on ActionScript text and inside work time performed by your FP. AS reproduces the DD as a graphic chronology chart form and you can study the output information as well as to diagnose all productivity errors.

AS does not require an FP test utility so you can run your DD using the same web site and SWT all online users see. Working the DD at a high speed you get to see all the execution issues the web site visitors will see.


It takes two separate program apps to begin operating AS:

  1. The AS desktop app itself
  2. FP 11.4 and Air 3.4 both will do

Activate DD and AS on the very same computer, that’s enough for the beginning. Now activate the AS and run the DD, after that the testing caption should spawn automatically. For working your AS and your DD on remote machines use the “remote profiling” option.

  • When adjusting program features for Smartphones run the DD on the mobile phone with Adobe Air and AS on a stationary machine.
  • When getting rid of bugs in the remote Flash DD code start with running AS on your working computer and running DD on another machine using FP.

If you use distant machine for testing DD you can share telemetry with any machine that has AS in operation. For this you need to create a file named .telemetry.cfg. Keep in mind that when using FP with Chrome browser you need to pick a different location for the cfg file. The FP is limited by Chrome and has a limited file access.

AS Sessions

Starting a session is fairly easy. Either you have set up a distant developer domain or you need to run a session on one machine following our guidelines. Run your DD though a separate FP, search engine or Adobe Air if you’re working with Smartphone DD. You will easily see the new session start by the colorful chart appearing in the window screen.

Remember to start AS prior to starting your FP. If you don’t do that you will have to start AS again and start all over, the AS app is built to start a new testing protocol whenever you start FP. You can stop running DD either by shutting down FP or by clicking on the stop toggle near the session window.