Adobe ActionScript 3 Features and Upgrades

The very first ActionScript or AS version saw the world 17 years ago in, 2000. Back then it was created to code simple 2D object-oriented graphics.

Version 2.0 Upgrades

The AS version 2.0 was introduced for the Flash Player 7 back in 2003. And then the AS3 came out in 2006 with the release of FP 9, the first AS3 built app. The new adaptation is radically different from its two predecessors.

  1. The language was significantly more powerful than its earlier versions.
  2. A virtual appliance was necessary for the upgraded language thus AS Virtual Machine or ASVM 3 was released.
  3. AS 3 can only be interpreted by FP 9 and higher.
  4. 10-15 times faster code implementation comparing to its predecessor.
  5. Minimum global variables.
  6. The new version requires additional learning as it is much harder to code in AS 3.
  7. AS 3 makes it easier to employ a third party script.

Since AS3 is an object oriented programming code all the variables are down to an absolute minimum. Thus this language is much harder to master than version 2. But you can set up a dialogue among these two coding languages making them correspond through a local connection.

ActionScript Environment

The migration between the versions might seem to be extremely complicated but there is an equivalent for AS 2 and you can easily find a free migration manual.

Working with browser supported scripts is fairly easy as all you need to do is transfer it to your browser. Follow your browser messages and you will easily detect all errors. But how do you write scripts in AS?

  • You can resort to the producer company and use Adobe built products. For example Adobe Air is an app meant for complementing content with Flash features. Adobe Animate CC is the latest version of Adobe Professional and is meant to code animation for cartoons/TV production.
  • Apache Flex – an open source development landscape used to develop apps for iOS, PC, Android and Mac OS.
  • Scaleform is a proprietary game builder interface by Autodesk used for Flash graphics.
  • Stingray by Autodesk

The AS 3 is great for bigger scale project and commercial game coding. But if you are a newbie we suggest you start with learning AS 2.0 as an object oriented programming code or OOP is much harder to master and it is way more time consuming. But if you are a perfectionist and looking for an immaculate structure for your app than AS 3 might be just what you need.