ActionScript 3.0 Beginner 101: Time to Get Started

ActionScript aka AS is a computing language. It has been introduced by Adobe Corporation for Flash Player-based software but since you have landed on this blog you probably know that already.

Back to Basics

AS allows you to code mobile apps, desktop apps, videogames, and web animation effects as an object-oriented language. Do you know why you always need to have the latest FP version in your browser in order to access certain websites’ features? The thing is that browsers are built to support HTML, JavaScript and CSS. AS is not a browser supported language thus the need for a special app to read it.

  1. AS 3 was a huge leap forward from the previous AS versions.
  2. In order to code in AS 3.0 you need to first learn the OOP or object oriented programming, its concept, goal and features.
  3. The entire roadmap is changed for the new script.
  4. The component setting is new.
  5. Core editing and tools are all different.
  6. The image and font rendering are totally different.

To understand how AS 3 differs imagine a closed hermetic body. Once a certain mechanism of tools and functions has been created during assembly you cannot add any more features or tools. Thus the program itself will be more durable. But still you can have dynamic properties of you add dynamic keywords when coding.

ActionScript vs. JavaScript

Both AS as well as JS are compliant with ECMAScript which is an internationally accepted standard for coding language specification. Both languages have similar features so if you know Java you will easily handle AS. You just think of AS and JS as of two vehicles with identical engines. If you have studied one you will handle the other one as well.

Nail It

Are you scared of the big bad OOP? No need to stress out about it as if you know the basic AS or JS moving on to coding in AS 3 will be a piece of cake for you. So how do you go from zero to hero?

Take your time and start from the very beginning, the syntax. Then you will learn all variables, indicators, types of data, math, numbers and their implications. Only when you have learned the fundamentals proceed to functions, loops, namespaces and packages. Only after that you will be able to start doing conditionals, arrays and vectors. Although AS 3.0 is more of an enterprise coding language than a freelance builder tool once you have learned it the whole new array of possibilities will open up for you.